Invalid field(s) in the payload


I am on the way to create Organizations through the API. Right now experiencing some issues I have no idea how to resolve because of the lack of feedback I receive from the API, maybe you guys can help me.

I am using this endpoint to add an organization:!/Organizations/post_organizations

This are the variables I add to the request:

{"c7c0c4b050f3ed632c120c3028fa65ac":"28000029","name":"test","4d42b73746da993b6784d0b27d2be167":"test","add_time":"2019-12-17 23:25:58","update_time":"2020-04-17 03:48:36"}

The error I receive is:

array:5 [▼
  "success" => false
  "error" => "Invalid field(s) in the payload: c7c0c4b050f3ed632c120c3028fa65ac, 131fd9ad82236009026c05f979671f11, 8c9b4670d9c24ed62aa6b7425de4c591, f133229bbb2dd0c657cbe6ef6a927d99, 4d42b73746da993b6784d0b27d2be167, 066581d3fa6bac9aae9b42b6f1bf013f, a7360a3ab78fb329cb2cecad73baa17d, 1655fc0d7059489f09caaba993d7978b, 7456472227eea48ac3614f78f3349766, 94b2151abafe96454f3975818ca08984, 3fc80600f1d06d4b6a376baf3198a13a, 8fc024944d1893214cf9af819db7c9b8, b5ea63c66970da89b844a0ef2242275a, a53a9b784ffe4a57afc09f86435d9520, 955acb9f537393ba72ca628f405438eb, da0aa84cf4b03315f317adf3c048a61c ◀"
  "error_info" => "Consulta para obtener más información sobre el API de Pipedrive."
  "data" => null
  "additional_data" => null

It doesnt give me any other information. What should I do to fix it?

I just found the issue. I was truncating the keys while storing them in the database. :grinning:

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Was just about to write an answer when I saw you figured it out yourself. :smiley:

Thanks David, sorry about that haha