Invoice integration install

I’m developing a invoice integration, and when the App is installed everything seams to work, authentication flow is good, and the finalizing of the connection is called (api/v1/invoice/user/provider) with a “success” result. But under integrations->invoicing the App still says “App ready to be installed”.

Is the finalizing part supposed to call the “getProviderAccount” endpoint (from manifest), to verify that installation is completed correctly?

Hi @sundowndk
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I hope you are referring to this section for Invoicing App Extensions

Did you notice any errors when you were finalizing this step?

To finalize everything, the app should redirect the user to the redirectUrl that was received as the response for the registration call against Pipedrive API. On that page, the user will see if both the installation and connecting process succeeded, and can then configure their preferences.

Hi @Hem
Yes thats the part I was referring to. When the URL ( https://{COMPANYDOMAIN} with the correct information I get a response with success:true, and a redirect URL.

When the redirect URL is loaded the page says that my app is ready to be installed, not that it has been installed. And there are no configuration options available, so I guess that the installation did not finish.

I presume when I call https://{COMPANYDOMAIN}` that the Pipedrive server make a query to getProviderAccount URL specified in the manifest for the App? If so that does not happen.