IP scope whitelist


Can you please provide scope of IP addresses you are using for webhook incoming connection.

Thank you

Hi @costa
Are you looking for a list of IP addresses from which you receive the webhook events? AFAIK, there is no such list and they are quite dynamic.

However, I would like to understand your scenario, can you share more details?

There is always a list :slight_smile:

Please provide then your hosting provider and your zone. f.e. if its AWS something like eu-west-2 us-east-1 etc. This will shrink scope significantly in case of possible attack on our API.
AWS, AZURE, GOOGLE, YANDEX, ALIBABA provide their ip scope list in json, that can be downloaded.

Thank you.

Technically, I would assume the same :slight_smile: However, I checked with engineering and they confirmed that there is no list that can be shared publicly. Nevertheless, it is a reasonable feedback and I have taken note of this.

I see that you would like to whitelist those IPs as an extra layer of security? apart from having secured triggers*?

*As you might have already noticed, you can secure the trigger URL with basic auth.

Well http auth will not save you from DDOS. IP whitelist will.

yet again, im not really sure why it is not possible to provide your hosting provider and hosing zone.

By the law all data stored in warehouses should be provided to customer, i believe its GDPR law. So can you please let us know where data is stored what provider are you using and what zones.

Hi @costa

Please reach support within Pipedrive to get more assistance on this. As data-related questions are account-related.

Thank you. But support in chat send me here.
Never mind we will scan nginx logs to see ip scopes.
Thanks again.