Is it possible to get a deals timeline including won and lost deals?

Hi, I need to retrieve some data to build time series for lost and won deals on a give date range.

Through /deals/timeline endpoint I can only retrieve won deals.

Is it possible to extend this endpoint to be possible to retrieve deals with any statuses?

Is there a workaround?

Create a filter in PD frontend for deals with Status=lost (and/or Status=won as needed) for a given date range. Then use Get All Deals endpoint matching that filter_id to retrieve the deals.

If needed, you can programmatically update the filter (Status, date range, etc) using the Update Filter endpoint.

Hi @paulieweb, thanks for the answer and the suggestions. I think this the path I was trying to avoid.

My application changes the requested date range all the time. It would force me to create a custom filter on PD, save the filter id on my application and update it before every call to Get All Deals endpoint and then build the time series like report.
Please correct me if I said something wrong.

I think my question is more like a feature request :thinking: . Is there any official channel for this purpose?

Not sure about feature requests on the board or where to best ask, but don’t be discouraged by the update filter requirement. Basically you’re just doing 2 api calls instead of one per report (including the new update filter call, but that can be done programatically as well). The JSON structure for Update Filter is a tad confusing to look at at first, but dynamically updating filters is pretty useful.

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