Is it possible to make Activities with options?

By default, a manager can only make Activity as Done or delete it.
Is it possible to add options?

Activity: call.
The call is done. But what is the result?

  • Done/successful
  • Done/unsuccess

I want to run different automations depending on these answers. If success - I want to update the deal stage. If not - I want to create new Activity ‘Call tomorrow’.
Also, I want to collect this data and build dashboards

Another case:
Task: check that all necessary fields are filled.
After the task is done, I want to run automation to generate 1 of 5 types of contracts, and I need the option to choose this type.

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Hey @Sergei_Iadrov
Thanks for being patient and for sharing the query in detail :slight_smile:
Activities in Pipedrive do not have a specific status field or custom fields to associate the outcome. However, you can build an app that would contain the outcome information associated with each of the activities. I’d imagine that the logic and data would be a part of the app.

I would also recommend taking a look at Projects by Pipedrive (BETA) - Knowledge Base if it helps your scenario. Let me know your thoughts about it