Is it possible to modify "won_time" via the api?

We have a bunch of deals which are paying that historically have not been marked won. If we bulk mark them as “won” for today’s date that’ll throw off our reporting with how many deals will be closed as of today.

I’ve made it through the API to mark as won, but then I saw that won time doesn’t look to be exposed via the update, even after the deal is marked as won. Is there anything I can do to prevent needing to do this manually? I want to set the won time to be equal to the time it moved to the deal stage “paying.”

Hi, @Brian_Sierakowski.

Each deal has a system field won_time which contains the data you’re looking for.
This field may be hard to find, as it’s a system field.

After visiting the “data fields” menu, you can see the ‘System Fields’ section under the Lead/deal tab.

Once you unfold this section, you can find a field won time at the bottom. If you copy the API key, you can see that this field name is won_time which contains a date format data.

Hope this helps.