Is it possible to use API to send notifications to users who have a Person that needs to be contacted based on their Contacts Timeline?

My company is relatively new to Pipedrive, coming from Salesforce. We were trying to make sure we keep in touch with key contacts on a regular basis, and are excited to use the Contacts Timeline feature. However, it doesn’t actually send you a notification when you need to contact someone…you need to manually visit the Contacts Timeline page.

I’m wondering if we could use the API to solve this somehow. Is there a way to see the “follow up” frequency set for each Person and compare that to the last activity, allowing us to send the user an email or another form of notification?

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Hi @Todd_Lower
Welcome to the community :wave: and thanks for sharing the details :slight_smile: You can use the APIs and Webhooks to build a similar logic to Contacts Timeline follow-up. However, you might have to rely on cron-type alerts on your app/server to receive these notifications. And again, since these notifications cannot be shown in real-time (inside Pipedrive), you would have to use the Custom UI extensions feature to show notifications inside the product.