Issue adding/creating organization with address data

I am developing a data integration system from our provider to Pipedrive with .NET and c #, and we have some problem integrating the address data of an organization to pipedrive (both new and modified). Could you tell me exactly the JSON model to add the address data when creating an organization and the JSON model to modify the data of an organization, including the address data. I have tried to include the fields in the model directly and also in an adress custom field but without success it only creates the text field address with its value, the rest of the data such as the address number, the town, the administrative zone 1 and 2, the country are not updated.

Do you have an example of how you’re doing it now?

The difficult aspect is we use the Default Address field connected to Google Maps in order to fill out the rest of the address sections of that Field, so it’s a bit difficult to fill out via API.