Issue with add Activities through API ( deal_id )

Hi Pipe Drive Developers,

I am testing add Activities by API from “3cx template generator tool” & it’s working perfect except one thing, when i add “deal_id” object & test it from tool it’s show me error.
& if i remove it it’s working with person_id & org_id.

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Hi @majdi,

Can you send an example of the requests you are making?

Hi @David,

<Scenario Id="ReportCall-AddActivity" Type="REST">
  <Request SkipIf="" Url="[APIkey]" MessagePasses="0" Message="" RequestContentType="" RequestEncoding="Json" RequestType="Post" ResponseType="Json">
      <Value Key="Accept" Passes="0" Type="String">application/json</Value>
      <Object Key="subject">
        <Value Key="description" If="[CallType]==Inbound" Passes="2" Type="String">[[InboundCallText]]</Value>
        <Value Key="description" If="[CallType]==Missed" Passes="2" Type="String">[[MissedCallText]]</Value>
        <Value Key="description" If="[CallType]==Outbound" Passes="2" Type="String">[[OutboundCallText]]</Value>
        <Value Key="description" If="[CallType]==Notanswered" Passes="2" Type="String">[[NotAnweredOutboundCallText]]</Value>
      <Object Key="type">
        <Value Key="Inbound" If="[CallType]==Inbound" Passes="0" Type="String">answered_inbound_call</Value>
        <Value Key="Missed" If="[CallType]==Missed" Passes="0" Type="String">missed_call</Value>
        <Value Key="Outbound" If="[CallType]==Outbound" Passes="0" Type="String">answered_outbound_call</Value>
        <Value Key="Notanswered" If="[CallType]==Notanswered" Passes="0" Type="String">unanswered_outbound_call</Value>
      <Object Key="due_time">
        <Value Key="due_time" Passes="1" Type="String">due_time Value</Value>
      <Object Key="duration">
        <Value Key="duration" Passes="1" Type="String">duration Value</Value>
      <Object Key="user_id">
        <Value Key="id" Passes="1" Type="String">user_id Value</Value>
      <Object Key="deal_id">
        <Value Key="id" Passes="0" Type="Integer">deal_id Value</Value>
      <Object Key="person_id">
        <Value Key="id" Passes="0" Type="Integer">person_id Value</Value>
      <Object Key="org_id">
        <Value Key="id" Passes="0" Type="Integer">org_id Value</Value>
      <Object Key="done">
        <Value Key="done" Passes="0" Type="String">done Value</Value>
  <Variables />
  <Outputs AllowEmpty="false" />

Hi @David,

Any Update ?

Best Regards

Sorry for the delay on this, but unfortunately your example doesn’t really give us enough information.

Could you send a reproducible request example (cURL) or the actual value you’re sending?

Hi @David,

Thanks for replay, can you please send me what kind of example you want because i didn’t understand what your request.

Best Regards

Hi @David,

Any update ?

Hi @majdi

I was requesting an example that we ourselves could actually test. So an example that you yourself tried with adding activities (actual values) and received an error.