Issues on resetting value with Embedded app action

We are in planning stage of creating an integration towards Pipedrive and are interested in using the Embedded app acton. However we have a question ,we want to give various options to the user on the modal and some of these option requires values fetched from our system. From the current documentation, it looks like we cannot fetch the values before the user performs the “primary action” like submit. How can we resolve this problem. If we create multiple modal and fetch the required values with one of the modals would it help to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance.

Hey @Ankit.Mittal, have you considered using the fetchOnChange option? It can fetch new values from your side and display them in the component, depending on what the user has chosen beforehand.

@Elina, I have tried fetchOnChange option. but it works the first time correctly, next time if I select again it is not working as expected.

Hi @ulgebra_logs Can you check if you see any validation error messages via your browser’s Network tab?

@Elina Response is perfect in Network tab.

@ulgebra_logs Can you send me the following so we can troubleshoot further to either here or via private message:

  1. structure of the JSON you are sending or your app client_id
  2. example of response on the first request that works
  3. example of response on the second request that doesn’t work as expected

Hi @ulgebra_logs,
Our developers have looked into this and unfortunately, we don’t have an immediate solution for this behavior. They are looking into introducing a new way to reset values on refetch but we don’t have an ETA for this at the moment.

When we do have more updates about this, there should be a record in Changelog. You can follow Changelog on DevCommunity to get a notification about that.