Issues with Webhooks

Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but talking to the help on Pipedrive hasn’t helped as they just sent me links of thinks I’ve already read. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if I’m attempting something beyond what Pipedrive does.

I was using the webhook function to connect to Webmerge (who do not respond for help requests as yet) and I’ve watched the videos and read all the articles. I’ve been on this for a few days…

So as instructed, I go into my settings - pipelines and hover over the correct section to find the correct ID number of the ‘Send contract’ (128) part of my test pipeline with my test company. After adding the correcting API key and Merge URL from Webmerge, I’ve copied and pasted the Webhook URL into Pipedrive.

I set the Event Action to ‘updated’ and the the Event object’ to ‘deal’. So it should (as it does in the instructional video!) only trigger sending info to Webmerge when I moved anything into the pipeline with the ID number of 128. Only it’s sending other info over too, from different pipelines that other staff are using.

Is there any way of making the webhook only send for a specific event - like finalising a deal? It seems odd that it cant’ do that as why would you want it to send out contracts every time a member of staff logged making a phonecall. So if anyone could advice me, I would be extremely grateful. Thank you

No, I’m afraid there’s no way to have the webhook send for only a specific event (like what you’re mentioning), but instead you filter on your end for what events you want to look for (check: Webhooks fired when certain fields are updated)

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