itemSearch based on a person email is not returning a Lead

Hi all-

I cannot use email or organisation name to search a Lead (which would be more prone to error anyway than using the ID’s…). So this:

does not give a result, while the email address does show up in a Lead… When I use:

I do get the Person on that mail address, but without the lead…

Am I missing something?

Hi Marcel,

Email is not a valid Field connected to Lead so you won’t get any email results if you’ve chosen the item_types Lead

that’s not what your documentation said…


Thanks for pointing this out.

This appears to be an inconsistency (and that you would instead search email through person or custom field). I’m speaking to the team in charge of this endpoint to gain some clarity.

Until this s fixed/looked into further, you can assume that you can search based on an Item’s default Fields. For Leads, the only default Field is Title

For further clarity, email , organization_name , person_name , phone are legacy fields so if you have old Leads that were added, they could still be searched by these Fields, but no new Leads would match.

We’ll update the Documentation to reflect this. Thanks for bringing this up :+1:

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