ItemSearch by multiple terms?

Is there a way to return items filtered by multiple terms?

ItemSearch lets me add a term to look for in custom_fields. I’d also like to add another term so that only items having both values in there are returned.

A workaround would be to do the single-term search and then filter for the other client-side but that’s not really efficient with a couple hundred returned items and completely unfeasible with a couple thousand.

Hey Darek,

At the moment, no, we don’t offer an option to search by multiple terms, but this might be something we can offer in the future.

Thank you David.
So just for the record I do believe this would be useful. Not sure if this makes any difference performance-wise for Pipedrive but currently I need to recursively pull all deals matching the single term, and then do further filtering client side. If I could do two terms, that would amount to the difference between multiple requests and just one, or between fetching 400+ deals worth of response vs e.g. 50.

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