JSON modal as object action


I’m building a json panel to the org detail view with multiple objects and would like to add a json modal action. How do I know which object the action (open modal) is executed on?

As far as I can see the Url parameters passed to the endpoint are company and user id and selectedIds, which in my case is the org id.

Sorry, I’m probably blind and this is really simple but I can’t figure it out…


I found it.

I don’t think it’s documented but for objects that are not the first, an additional parameter index=X is passed to the endpoint, where X is the object index such that the second object corresponds to index=1. So the first object has index=0 but that is not passed to the endpoint.

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Hi @n115,

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Thank you for sharing what you found! I will review the documentation to see how we can best add your finding.

For object actions (links and JSON modals), they are universal for every object in your panel.

Please do let us know if you have any further questions!

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