JSON Panel and JWT secret

Can someone guide me how to add a JSON panel.

I am not clear with the API endpoint and JWT token.
Does the API endpoint is an api to our server or a pipedrive api and what should be passed as JWT secret.
Is the JWT Secret something that we get back as a response from OAuth?

Documentation is a bit confusing for me!


Hi @Niju,

Thanks for your question.

Looking into the screenshot, I agree that the placeholder for “API endpoint” makes it confusing and we’ll look into changing it.

Our documentation for JSON panels has a good explanation of how the data loads:

when the page or a panel is reloaded, we will renew the information by requesting information from the API endpoint you provided

You will receive an HTTP request to your API with a basic authentication header (defined in Developer Hub as HTTP Auth username and password) or with a JWT and query parameters

JWT secret has to be generated and stored on your side. Thus the next time a request comes to your API endpoint, you’ll be able to decode token and verify that it’s been sent from Pipedrive app.

Please let me know if you have follow up questions.

Concern about json schema. How to go about if I only need the green action button on the panel.
How should the schema be and the response be.

What would be the purpose of the panel?

Panel should have a content within a context of entity in detail view, for example:

Though it’s possible to display only the action button with “No data” message by returning an empty data object within any structure, I’d recommend you consider another type of extension - App actions https://pipedrive.readme.io/docs/app-extensions#types-of-app-extensions.

Thank you for the information.
Is the JWT passed as a query parameter or Authorization Bearer?

It’s passed as token query parameter with other parameters like resource, view and others

Happy to help.

Don’t hesitate to reach us if you have other questions.

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