Key Client Dashboard in Google Sheet with Pipedrive/Mailchimp/etc data


We would like to setup a Key client Google Sheet Dashboard for Sales Team, that pulls information from:
-Pipedrive (Last Activity, won deals in last 12 months, total deals in last 12months, etc)
-Mailchimp (Subscribed?, Last Opened campaign)

Any hints on what is the easiest way to set this up/ how to go about this?

Many Thanks

Hi Ben,

My company ( has built an easy & secure backup solution for that syncs their data to a readable format to Google Sheets.

It also syncs meta data such as comments & files to a secured Google Drive folder. This transparent approach has received lots of praise from the Podio community and we’re keen to do the same for Pipedrive.

Would that be a good solution for your use case?

Best, Will

Thanks- does it work with Pipedrive?

Hi Ben,

My team is currently still investigating on whether such a solution would be a great use for the Pipedrive community.

We don’t offer this service yet for Pipedrive…