Label ID does not equal defaults in GET/organizationFields


I could use some help. We are trying to get organzations from Pipedrive with the label customer. Using the endpoint GET /organizationFields ]. Here is the issue:

For one API token and Company Domain, we get the label id 5 for customer (green) as described in the default values here Working with labels

In another API token and Company Domain, we get the label id 1 for customer (green). The label ID’s are not like the defaults described.

Does anyone have a clue on what is going on here?

Hey @Hare2
Thanks for sharing the details and welcome to the community :raised_hands:
I see that you trying to get the labels from two different companies and the labels happen to have different IDs?

My recommendation would be to obtain the IDs assuming that the label field is the default value. If possible please feel free to share your use-case so that I can understand how it impacts you

Thanks for linking the documentation page. It seems that the documentation might be lacking specificity in what default means. I’ll get back on that :slight_smile:

Hey @hem :grinning:
Thank you!

That is correct. We are using the same endpoint for both companies: [GET /organizationFields]. We are expecting to get the same outcome which is label id 5 for both.


In stead we are getting label id 1 for one of the companies. Which is what we would expect if we were using the [GET /personFields] (which we are not).


A litte bit more about the use case:
We have developed a standard integration which we were suppose to deploy for a customer using Pipedrive. However, it fails because of this not expected change in label id.

Thanks for having a look at the documentation page as well :slight_smile: