Lead Forensics API Integration Issues

We’ve had several new Lead Forensics data fields auto-generating into our Pipedrive organization files. Any suggestions on how to stop this auto-populating and deleting the many “extra” data fields this has created?

Hi Melanie,
this is most likely a problem from their end (Lead Forensics).
You should contact their support to see what’s going on.

@mconlogue, is it actual Fields that are being created or Fields that are being populated?

Also, how are you integrating Lead Forensics with Pipedrive? As we don’t have a direct integration with them, I assume it’s either directly through API token or possibly through another app such as Blendr.io?

@David the fields are being created. And yes, through API token.

Thanks for the info.
In that case, as dani said, you would need to contact Lead Forensics as the Fields being directly created by them and we wouldn’t have any way of changing that from our end.


I’m looking how integrate lead forensics, but I cant found the connector.
What connector is it?