Lead to Deal Webhooks


Two questions really:

  1. Are you going to add leads to the webhooks?
  2. When converting a lead to a webhook I don’t seem to be getting an ‘Added’ event for the deal, I just seem to see updated events. But I don’t seem to have anything in there that I can use to identify that a lead to deal conversion just happened?

Hi Ben,
Adding leads to webhooks is in the plans for us and it’s in the works right now. Unfortunately, we don’t have an ETA just yet.

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Do you have an answer for the second question?

Hi Ben,
I’ve checked with a developer of ours.

He tried to do the same, and it seems we do send an added.deal event.

With regards to what can be used to identify that a conversion happened, more information can be obtained from the List updates about a deal endpoint.

I hope this helps? If you have further questions, please do let me know.

I just checked again and it does seem like I do get an added event after all, not sure why I didn’t see that the first time I tried.

It would be good to start getting lead events on the web hooks though.

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Hi Ben,

Great to hear that you’re getting it now!

I’ll pass on your feedback about lead events on webhooks.

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