LeadBooster Browser API for Google Analytics

I would like to track the interactions with our Leadbooster Bot. Therefore the support gave me this page: https://pipedrive.readme.io/docs/leadbooster-browser-api#section-listen-to-leadbooster-chat-events

Does anyone know how to implement the push events (last box) correctly?


Hi Carl,

The interaction that you can currently track is limited at this moment to events mainly related to the opening/closing of the chat, and the end of the conversation with the bot.

Could you specify what exactly are you trying to track, or what do you have trouble implementing? This Google Analytics documentation will likely also help.

Any feedback on this functionality is much appreciated and will be considered for any future extensions.


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Hi Carl and Georgy,

Iā€™m looking for the same implementation. Did you figure it out?

So in short, I would like to send Events over to Google Analytics/Google Ads, whenever the ChatBot is initiated, opened, closed, conversationEnded and so on. I found this documentation on the website too: LeadBooster Browser API

Can you help me through the process of implementing the ChatBot with Google Tag Manager in order to track leads?

Best Regards,