Leadbooster Chatbot on single page applications

Leadbooster chatbot is initialized by a loader.js script, but on a single page app (e.g. written with Angular) navigation happens without a page reload.

How to load another chatbot without reloading the page?

Can you share more details @etaroza ? You have the LeadBooster browser APIs for working with the chatbot

Feel free to attach screenshots for reference :slight_smile:

Browser API is fine, but it works on the playbook that’s currently loaded. How on the same page (for instance when the customer clicks on a button) load another playbook?

On a single page web app a simple use case is: Load another playbook when the switches the language.

Hey @etaroza
Thanks for being patient. You would notice that the script has a playbook ID that can be modified

When you copy the snippet, you would notice from the script

that there is a playbookUuid. Switching it to a different one could work out?