Leads API for "Lead Source"

Hello Pipedrivers,

I just want to confirm that for the Leads API the key “Lead Source” is not exposed for updating?



Hi @Kurt_Jones,
Yes, it’s not exposed. Lead source is a read-only field, with the value being assigned when the lead is created.

Well, that sucks :slight_smile:

Any thoughts of a change since there are limitless lead source opportunities where the lead is coming from the api?

Hi @Kurt_Jones,

Unfortunately, we don’t have any plans for a change right now.

Lead source is our system field that indicates how the field was created (manual, import, Web Forms, Chatbot, API etc.), and is not aimed to be modified by customers. If you would like to indicate where the lead has come from (e.g. for the context of your business or other purposes), you can create an additional custom field to be used in the API context for such purposes.

I since have sent your feedback to the team that handles the Leads API as well.