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Hi All,

I’m a bit confused with leads. In dashboard, I can create, edit and update leads. I need to create leads via the API but the documentation doesn’t mention leads anywhere. The only mention of leads via API I found on this forum was that the documentation is not yet complete.
So how do I manage leads via the API?



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Hey @Michal_Holub,

As you mentioned yourself, the documentation for Leads API isn’t complete so at this time there’s no way to manage leads via the API. Our team is in the middle of working on this though, so hopefully it won’t be too far in the future.

I was about asking the same question.

When I read your answer is, it safe to assume the endpoint already exists, but the documentation is not yet updated?
Because, when this is the case, I can figure it out myself :slight_smile:

The endpoints are technically open, but you will not be able to see them being called anywhere. We now use graphql to make calls from the UI. Also they will change, so pls do not reverse engineer it in any way. :slight_smile: We promise to deliver the documentation in next couple of weeks.


Hey , I am looking for the Leads API as well,would really appreciate it , if you guys could post a reply on this thread once the Leads API docs is published.

Hi Rishabh,

I’ll try to reply here once it’s available. We will also create a new post and post to the Changelog

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Waiting for this as well =)

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Hi everyone,
I’m happy to announce that Leads API is now available.
You can find more information about the endpoints in our Changelog announcement.



How is it possible to send leads directly from my email address ?

Miguel Soares


Can you please help:

We are trying to apply a ZAPIER to use the API on the leads, but there is an important error that i thing you should fix. Becase in ZAPIER in this configuration it doesnt allow us to make the automation because it says that we need to define the PERSON and/or ORGANIZATION. But this is an error because most of the times we are talking about new LEADS therefore there is no PERSON and ORGANIZATION yet created.

Hi @Miguel_Soares,

In order to create a Lead, you need to include either Person and/or Organization which means that the logic for creating Leads is the same as Deals. In this case, you choose a Custom option and use the Lead Title for instance.

can you tell me one thing. Is there any api available for add a lead in Nodejs. If you have send me the link for same.
@Elina @David

Hi @akash
You can use POST /leads endpoint to add new leads. We don’t have the availability yet in the Node.js SDK but our development team is working on it (sadly no confirmed ETA).
For adding a lead, we also have a guide, perhaps this can assist you as well.