Limitation of custom field’s options

Disclaimer: (May 26, 2021) This change has been updated from 500 options to 10000 options per field. See more in the Changelog.

Effective from: May 12, 2021

Starting from May 12, 2021, we will be limiting the amount of options custom fields with type “Multiple option” and “Single option” can have. The limit will be 500 options per custom field.

When the amount of options per custom field is reached, an error message will be displayed in the API response. The error message will be as follows:

"You reached the limit of 500 options per field. Remove some options to be able to save."

In case there is a need for more options to be added to a custom field, the user will have to delete some existing options from that field to fit into the limit.

Nothing will break for the users who already have created more than 500 options for their custom fields, but if they decide to add more options they would need to remove all the extra options which exceed the 500 limit.

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