Limitation of webhooks?

Hi guys,

I was wondering whether there’s a limit for how often a single webhook will be triggered if you move, for example 70.000 (or 3.000) records at once, and every one of these records sends an event that triggers that webhook.*

We’ve got an interface that listens to the webhook trigger url, but it looks like only the first couple hundred arrive there.*

Hey Bernd,

I’m checking in on this. Have you received any failure warnings on the Webhooks or they’re just arriving?

Hi David,

Error message

Looks like the issue was the endpoint the data was being sent to then? Did you have a chance to check it out to see if anything has changed or perhaps the endpoint couldn’t handle so many events?

Hi, I’m getting similar emails daily. And one mail stated that

An error alert in our system shows that your webhook with endpoint https://xxxx is inaccessible. We have removed this webhook in order to maintain our server load integrity.

Should you be able to fix it, please feel free to recreate the [webhook].

Is there a limit or load restriction of requests that can be done in a minute or hour? We can pause the queries and even them out throughout the day if that is the case.

From our side, all posts result in 200 OK and we know that we’re receiving the data from Pipedrive successfully, what could be the issue?

Hi Mikk,

Sorry for such a delay, I missed your reply somehow.
Are you still encountering 200 issues with webhooks?

Hi, I believe we have resolved the situation.

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Hey, I’ve having the sam problem, what was the solution to you? Thanks in advance!