Link New Contact to Organization


We previously had a contact form on our site that would collect leads and send them to Pipedrive (with Contact Form 7) but we are now building our own site and are using the API to send new leads to our account. However, in the POST/persons endpoint, there is no option to link a person to an organization besides the org_id, which we wouldn’t have (we need to send the organization as a string field based on what they write in the form).

Am I missing something here? Should we be using a different endpoint? If we could do it through CF7 then it shouldn’t be this complicated, right?

Unfortunately there’s no other endpoint that would work.

Essentially you would need to first create the Organization, return the ID and then connect it to the Person. This is also how it is handled in the UI, just that the requests are handled in the background.

Thanks @David!
That’s too bad! What if the organization already exists? Would we have to do a separate request to see if an id already exists and then create a new organization if it doesn’t? Seems like a complicated workflow for (what I imagine is) a common use case.

It could indeed be a complicated workflow (something we’ll hopefully improve in the future).

You could work this out either 2 ways: have a readily available database to compare duplicates to or run a Search query before creation.

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