Looking for Developer(s) to help customize Pipedrive for call center/auto finance


Auto Finance company with a call center in Denver, CO. Looking at implementing Pipedrive as CRM but need customization and implementation for it to work in our business. Love to chat with interested parties on setting up API’s and integrations with our partners to streamline our business.

email: mspence@gorefime.com - subject line: Pipedrive Customization

Once email is sent, I can send over specs and documentation and we can jump on a call.


Mike, glad to help you. What I have done is connect the api with Excel Power Query, which can be used by Excel Power Pivot and Power Bi ( too much power : ) ). Please let me know if I can help you.


Dear Jose, would you please be willing to help me with the same problem? I am trying to get Pipedrive data into Power Bi

Were you able to achieve this?

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