Looking for personalised lead generation

Hey folks,
This is my first time here, and I am the opposite of computer savvy so I am seeking some assistance.

I wanted to find out if it’s possible to link an external website, (Not my companies website) to my Pipedrive for lead Generation.
The website is https://services.bciaustralia.com/view/bcidashboard.cfm?_CFID=7544033&_CFTOKEN=96938315&CFID=7547729&CFTOKEN=12495335

I manually filter through this website searching for Construction Projects and contacts for these projects, and the hope is that I can automate this process by having useful information and contacts be turned into leads on my pipedrive to reduce the time spent searching for suitable contacts.
I’m looking for a way to link the website to my PD with set parameters of the type of leads I want filtered into my PD, and then those leads being automatically added into my PD as they are added to the website.

I repeat again, this is not a website that we have control over, we simply have a subscription to their services.
Please speak in Layman as I am horrible with programming, and computers in general.

Thanks in advance

Hi Jayke,

You have different ways to do this but I think the best one and more professional would be to use LeadBooster from Pipedrive.

Without any code you could configure it to make it really interactive, responsive and update your records in your Pipedrive (i.e. create Lead, Deal, mark a Lead Source or move an existing Deal to another stage).

Please let me know if you need some help. I am based in Australia.


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Thank you for the response, however from what I can see this is only to be used on a website that our company runs.

As mentioned above, the particular websites I want to get leads funneled into PD from are not owned by us.

Hi Jayke,

LeadBooster or any other online form can be added to any web page or sites. All of them will feed your Pipedrive data. You don’t need to own these domains but you will need to ask the administrator to add a simple code snipped once.

Please feel free to give me a call on 0431500119 if you need further clarification.

BCI have a reasonably comprehensive API. However, it doesn’t support webhooks so you will need to trigger it some other way.

Hey @Javery,

I did this for a client in the past with HomeAdvisor (same thing construction leads) so I would be curious to see if the same can be done for BCI. You do have an account with them right? My guess is BCI would work with you to post the data to your PD account, that’s what I did with HomeAdvisor.

Message me or chat me on WhatsApp +18145745268, I have a few questions but this sounds doable based on your description.


Hi Javery ,
I am available to provide suitable solution for your current scenario.
Please let me know your availability to discuss further


Hi @Javery

i understand your requirement and will be glad to assist you.

please check PM