Maintain Org/Person Data from Production to CRM

I’m sorry if this is the wrong topic, please advise if I need to move.

I am struggling with how to layout a plan to keep orgs/persons up to date w/ data from our production system.

There are custom fields that will be created in PD for orgs/persons. Say for isntance, purchase quantity. These are used to drive pipelines and filters for different processes. Also, we maintain a unique ID within our systems and application for each org/person. Obviously these don’t match the pipedrive system IDs.

I am looking for suggestions and insights on how others have keep their production user data up to date in pipedrive? We have and a few other integration tools, but every idea have I have come up with seems “hacky” at best. I struggle with having to call and get the PD ID then send my post api on every event just to make an update. A, this would be a lot on trigger events, and B, it would be high volume on process jobs that update the user data.

Any support would be appreciated.


Hi @wdenny3885,

I’m not fully understanding your exact process for updating/syncing the 2 systems, but have you already tried using Webhooks to stay updated on changes?

I am trying to update data about our users from our production system into Pipedrive, not the other way around.