Mapping Pipedrive fields to Gravity Forms

Hello there, you good?

We’ve recently implemented Gravity Forms > CRM Perks > Pipedrive on WordPress for a client.

I’m having an issue with double entry surnames, whereby when a user enters data into First Name and Last Name fields on the GF, e.g.:

  • First Name = Ross
  • Last Name = Musgrove Cross

When the data lands in Pipedrive, it has changed to:

  • First Name = Ross Musgrove
  • Last Name = Cross

I’ve got the mapping setup so that:
“Name” (Pipedrive) is a Custom Value pulling “Name (First)” and “Name (Last)” {field_id} from GF

And I’ve tried mapping “First name” (Pipedrive) to “Name (first)” (GF) and “Last name” (Pipedrive) to “Name (last)” (GF) as both “Standard Field” and “Custom Value” - but the issue persists.

Appreciate there are more links in the chain that just Pipedrive, so am also picking this up with GF and CRM Perks, but if you’ve had similar experience and can offer advice / direction, I’d appreciate it!

Have a good one. Cheers, Ross

Apologies for the delayed response. The API responsible for person creation indeed has an issue with last name addition. This has been looked into by our engineering teams already. Please subscribe to change-log for updates regarding the same. :slight_smile: