Marketplace Manager

Hi All

As with many of the posts I have seen here, I too have left my development to the last minute to update my apps to use OAuth instead of the API Tokens.

I have signed up for a developer account and I now have a sandbox account, but I don’t have Marketplace Manager under my paid or Sandbox account.

Please can you assist Pipedrive Dev team. Thank you



I hope you are doing well.
I sent you a private message to get the details of your account so I can enable the marketplace manager.
Will be waiting.

All the best.

Thanks @MigMelo I have sent through the details. Thank you for your quick response! :smiley:

Hi MigMelo (and others)

I have setup everything on the app and created it now. When I try to install it I am getting an error page. This is when I click on the Preview link to install it for myself. I am currently following the “Your first Pipedrive app using Oauth video” from the documentation website.

" WHOOPS! The page you are looking for doesn’t exist."

I have setup the app twice in case there was some issue with the first one, but still no luck. Please can you assist. Thank you.

Hi @nicvon,

Unfortunately this is an annoying error on our side. What you need to do is logout of PD and make sure the last company you login to is the Sandbox account (where the app is stored) and then try it. You can tell by going to the Marketplace and seeing which company it shows you currently signed in to.

Thanks @David

Will give that a go and report back.