Merge improvement / feature / bug

a. We want to KEEP the address on the LEFT , because it is a a FULL , complete address.
b. We want to KEEP the phone numbers on the right

in English, “merge” means to FILL-IN , which means to keep data in all fields, and COMBINE the data, but “merge in pipeline” means to choose LEFT side to keep or RIGHT side to keep - that is wrong.

We need to MERGE records, not make a choice between A or B

This is a very easy fix using Google maps API (which pipeline already uses)

Both property addresses appear CORRECT on Pipeline’s google maps. Write code, that IF property address is a MATCH , then there is no conflict , WRITE the complete , full address to CELL and then merge combine all other fields.

The Merge here refers to the Deals, which are in fact merging together, and not a reference to merging Fields.

I will send your feedback regarding the address matching to our developers though and perhaps this can be added in the future.