Messaging app extension and Custom Modal

Hi Pipedrive Community,

I hope this message finds you well. We have a few questions about the Pipedrive messaging app extension and embedding iframes within the Contacts and Deals sections. Currently, everything is working well for getting conversations and posting messages. Now, we want to expand this messaging app for our app and add additional error handling and functionality.

  1. Passing Query Parameters in Messaging App Extension: Currently, we pass the providerchannelid when sending messages or retrieving conversations. Is it possible to pass additional query parameters such as userid? Reference: Pipedrive Documentation
  2. Error Handling in Messaging App Extension: In the messaging app extension, is it possible to handle our own errors within the app? If so, could you provide some guidance or examples on how to implement custom error handling?
  3. Embedding iFrame with Additional Parameters (Custom Modal): When creating an iframe within the Contacts or Deals sections, we currently pass parameters such as userId, companyId, token, and id. Can we pass additional information, like the phone number, as query parameters in the iframe? Reference: Pipedrive Documentation

Your assistance with these questions would be greatly appreciated as it would help us enhance our app’s functionality.

Thank you!