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Im trying to create messaging app extention. Currently use example-apps/apps/messaging-app-extn-playground at master · pipedrive/example-apps · GitHub as an example. Authorization looks working, but when i try to create channel with post channels/messages/receive( tried both api.pipedrive and .pipedrive) i get “Failed when querying Provider REST API” error. But channel is created and i even can delete it with DELETE/v1/channels/{id}. And even more if i try add channel with same id ill get error about duplication. But real problem is i can’t add messages/conversations. Looks like my endpoints from manifest isn’t working since i don’t get any requests from pipedrive.

Hey @Anmacik,

i try to create channel with post channels/messages/receive

This is not the correct endpoint for creating a channel, did you mean POST /channels?

Anyway, if you call this endpoint, a channel is created and then the service tries to fetch all conversations for the channel reaching the getConversations endpoint from the manifest.

From logs, it looks like that endpoint returns HTTP 404
https://*-*--*-* 404 (Not Found)

I would recommend debugging it locally to ensure that the endpoint is responding correctly.

Problem is - i don’t see any calls from pipedrive. Tried on local server using tunnel and n8n. Still no call from pipedrive on post /channels.

Hey @Josef.
I created new app in my pipedrive and now i see calls from pipedrive. Does reupload manifest work? Or you can’t change it anytime?

Hey, great news :tada:

About the manifest

  • If you haven’t sent it for approval and are still building the app, It’s possible to re-upload
  • If your app has been sent for approval, then the app has to go through the review process again if you re-upload the manifest

Hope that helps :wink:

My apps are private and haven’t send for approval. So it’s look’s like reupload of manifest is bugged. I mean you can reupload, if save and reload page and then click see raw(or smth like this) it will show new manifest. But still will try to work with old manifest.
Btw i don’t know why vesrion is required in manifest if you can’t change it?

Hey, I checked some code and the problem is that the manifest is cached for a very long time. I decreased the cache to 5 minutes, so if you re-upload the manifest, the changes should be reflected in 5 minutes.

Thank you for reporting this.


Hey, @Josef
I see now it’s working.
But i have new problem. Im trying to post new message from my server to pipedrive. But i can’t understand what i need to use as “channel_id”. Im tried to use providerChannelId and id from pipedrive after creation. Both gives " channel not found". Channel is exist and there was no error on creation and i can delete it.

Ok, i found this to be a problem of pipedrive free version.

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