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Hello, I am working on telegram integration. My question is basically in the topic name, but I will explain. We have a group chat where the bot listens to the incoming messages and sends them to Pipedrive. But we can have source_user and end_user in the chat, but what if there are more participants, can I have more end_users? Thank you :raised_hands:

Hi @karrtopelka,

I am assuming you are building the integration using the Messaging app extension, correct?

If yes, unfortunately, group chats are not supported yet. We are mentioning it in the troubleshooting section: Error codes and troubleshooting

I will forward the feature request to the appropriate team.

Let me know if you have any other questions and I am happy to help.

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Yeah, one more question. So basically, I found the solution right now for groups:
end_user is an ID and name of the group, and every message looks like this:
“{user name}”: his message
and so on.

But, as these chats listens the same bot, then source_user (bot) is the same. I’ve created two group chats, and when I send in the first one everything is fine, but when I send in the second one, I receive:

  "success": false,
  "error": "Failed mapping conversation -92222",
  "error_info": "Please check the reference docs in",
  "additional_data": {

I suppose the problem is with the same source_user, can you suggest me some workarounds?

Thank you in advance

When the chat is created, I am inserting end_user and source_user to my DB:
end_user → with chat name etc.
source_user → example:

  "_id": {
    "$oid": "64fb419***ab081f104b"
  "id": "bot_-962***57",
  "name": "Bot {chat_name}",
  "role": "source_user",
  "avatar_url": "",
  "fetch_avatar": false,
  "avatar_expires": false

When another chat is created, a new end user and source user have also been created, but there is a new “id” and “name” for the source user. That means that they are unique. That’s the workaround I found…

Let me check with someone who knows more about this feature. I will get back to you.

Hey, its possible to have more end_users in the conversation, but please note that in BETA its not fully supported in UI - you will see the messages and will be able to send messages, but there will be no extra info about multiple end users - it will be shown in the left column without the info who actually owns which message.

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