Mintsoft - import of products, export of orders (API)

I’ve made a connection between Pipedrive and It is based on an API.
Script is in Python. It Synchronizes products from Mintsoft with Pipedrive for 3 warehouses on two continents.
Our script imports products from Mintsoft to Pipedrive. Only products with specified categories are synchronized. Name, sku, price, quantity in 3 warehouses, description, link to image, category.
When a product is added to a deal, the script makes an order in Mintsoft and puts products on hold.

Based on documents template users can create in Pipedrive a purchase confirmation with clickable links / images. Then sends it to a customer as an attachment or a link (then the user will receive on open notification)
When a customer accepts it and sends his PO number. The user changes the name of the deal to PO. Our script updates orders in Mintsoft, also including PO number.

If you need connection with Mintsoft, let me know.
Or any other API script.

Hope that you did not face any challenges. Feel free to create a new topic / feedback if issues still persist.