Missing custom fields when getting change log of deal


I am trying to get all the custom fields changed in a specific update_time but somehow some custom fields were not included in the output. This case has been hapenned for a long time ago and it has effected a lot to our analyst team.

I need some advice or explainations to solve this problem urgently.


Hi there!
Which endpoint are you using? Can you give an example of what comes in the response?

I was using /v1/deals/:id/flow and I had set all_changes = 1

I do not have permission to access in my team’s pipedrive account but there are some problems related with changes in custom fields. My team said that some of the fields had been changed but the api /v1/deals/:id/flow didn’t returned that event. That is all I know.

There is 1 more thing I think it would be helpful for you. Firstly, we check whether are there any changes in deals by endpoint “/v1/recents” with items = deals. Secondly, using deal_ids found at step 1 for endpoint “v1/deals/:id/flow/” to detect changes in deal and filtered by update_time that we used for “since_timestamp” parameter. Finally, the output of step 2 after filtering will be add to datalake. Do you think this process might be a reason that lead to missing custom fields in deals?

Hi there,
To dig further, we will need some information about the request, can you send me these via PM?

  • company_id
  • user_id
  • deal_id
  • missing custom fields keys
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About this issue, I have been running a new pipeline to get all changes of all deals existed in the system. If there are any fields, I will DM the details. Is that okay?