Missing Path to Marketplace Manager in Sandbox site

In a production account, I have a custom private app. I’m working on a new one. I can get to the marketplace manager page and create a new app in the production account but in the sandbox account I have no menu path to the marketplace manager and if I try to visit the path it would be at directly I get redirected to personal settings. I set up another sandbox account to test and it works like the production account. In all these accounts I am an admin user.

In the accounts that work as expected, I go to Tools and Apps then under Tools I click Marketplace Manager. In the account that doesn’t work as expected, I can go to Tools and Apps but there is no link to Marketplace Manager under Tools.

Any ideas as to what might be special about this problem account?

Hello Thomas,

Not all accounts have the Marketplace Manager enabled, sandbox accounts that are meant for creating apps have it enabled automatically, normal paid accounts and sandboxes for testing don’t, but we can turn this feature on, please DM me your account details so I can do that.



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