Moving custom fields to a panel above the pinned notes on a deal

Hey all, I wanted to create a new panel here, where I display a number of deal-custom fields, so I declutter the custom field panel. Later on, I may want to update the deal-specific probability based on the input of the custom fields.

What would be the best way to go about this?

Can creating an app do this? Or can an app-panel do this?


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Hey @pieterh,

As of right now, we don’t offer any app panel that would allow you to put information there (although the goal is to allow the UI to be completely customizable).
As it is, I think the only way you could make some work like what you’re wanting is via a Chrome extension.

Hi David, thanks!

I think it’s also not possible with an app to add a tab here?

That’s correct, we currently only offer what is available here:

As @David said there is nothing native that does it, however it is likely that it can be done. We have inserted some buttons and done some other stuff with the UI before using a Chrome extension. For example, the button in the image.


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I am excited to hear that there are plans to make the UI customizable. When you do so, please allow us to have the option to have a different UI depending on a specific custom field/category value. Let me give you one example: I would as a fractional (gig) VP of Sales for several clients a year. We often use 3rd parties sales companies to sell our product. We obviously want to capture these 3rd party companies as organizations. They sell to end users/organizations. We also want to capture the details for these end user organizations/prospects/customers. The custom fields for the 3rd party companies are different than that of the customer organizations. Because of that, we dont want to show all the organization custom fields for each organizational group for everyone as this is causing confusion. To differentiate between these groups of organizations, we use a custom field called “category” which could be either “end customer” or “3rd party sales”.
The same thing applies for my clients that sell services to property managers. The property manager company is an organization. but the commercial property groups are also organizations. they dont share the same custom fields. based on the “category” custom field, we would like to only show some of the other org custom fields or not, please

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I have something a bit like that in development. Basically, it styles (including hiding) certain UI elements based on a criteria (a field content would work). It’s not a perfect solution for what you need because it requires the extension to be installed to work but it could (probably) do what you need.

It’s still 6 months away but will be part of our CertaLink chrome extension.

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Thanks for the in-depth breakdown. It’s nice to see how you (and others) would/could use a more customizable UI. I will certainly forward your feedback to our Product team.