Moving PipeDrive Emails to AppliedSystems EPIC

I need to fetch all emails for a deal and post into another system, specifically Applied Systems EPIC. I’ve done it but I can’t open the emails there, get a permissions error. I can open them in no problem. The fetch returns JSON which has all the bits-and-pieces for the MailMessage, which I create in my C# program into a System.Net.Mail.MailMessage object then I move into Applied. When I move a file attached to PipeDrive, which happens to be a .msg file, no problem with permissions. But when I move the created email, permissions problem. Why?

Hi Alex,

I’m having some difficulty understanding the exact problem. Could you elaborate some more on what the exact issue is and when this happens?

Also, can you pinpoint to where you’re using the Pipedrive API and where the problem begins? One person from our team believes that the problem could be with C sharp code and not the API itself.

I agree, certainly might be the C# program. I use the API to collect email information from PD. I get a very nice, large JSON string with embedded URLs where necessary to get attachment data, a HTML encoded string for the body of the email too. And, a lot of meta data (properties). I then BUILD a System.Net.Mail.MailMessage .msg file and save it where I have to save it. And then, when I want to open it in Outlook 2016 I get a permission error. When I open it at online, no problem. When I pull files from PD using PD API, I process .msg files the same as pdf and other files, not problem. So, I’m missing something when I create the .msg file myself. I’m assuming something in the header(s).

I responded David. I’m hoping someone had the same problem and can save me some debugging. Right now I’m studying the headers section of a .msg file and going to look at some good msg files to see if I’m missing something when I create it in my C# program.