Multi optionfield in products not working

We want to update a multiple-choice custom-field for a product, but we get following error:

The operation failed with an error. 422: Expected ‘number’ as option ID for multi options custom field, instead “NaN” was passed (Please check for more information about Pipedrive API.)

We are sending the ID´s of the options for multiple-choice as comma-separated values e.g.: 15,182
What are we doing wrong?

Hi Rainer. Welcome to the community :wave:

I’m able to succesfully update a multi-option custom field for a product with e.g. a request:

curl --request PUT '<API_TOKEN>' \
--data '{
  "4dca422e600763cc9ad9aed9a0e07f99df89fed4": "38,39"

Can you share more details about how do you actually send the request?

Have a great day,