Multiple Option Custom Field | Limit appears to be 10 'tags'?

Hi There,

We’ve created a private app panel and would like to display values from a list. The list has a maximum of 300 possible ‘tags’ so we’ve approached it by using a ‘Multiple Option’ field.

When we try to push this data it appears we’re limited to a maximum of 10 ‘tags’ via the API. Surely this isn’t so?

We’ve also tried pushing the data in as an object array, again this appears to limit us to just 10.

Any ideas on a workaround for this?

Many thanks in advance


Hi @jonshayler
Welcome to the community :wave:

I infer that you have an Embedded App Action and one of the blocks contains a Select element?
Let me know if I got it right. Also please feel free to share screenshots.

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