Multiple options field values not returned in custom_fields key of a deal


I’m trying to retrieve values from a “multiple options” custom field for a deal via the /deals/ API. It appears that values from “multiple options” and “single option” - type custom fields are not listed in the custom_fields key of a returned deal.

Steps to reproduce

  1. In Pipedrive, create new deal
  2. Define a “Text” custom field, add a text
  3. Define a “Numeric” custom field, add a number
  4. Define a “Multiple options” custom field, add value(s)
  5. In Insomnia or Postman, send GET
  6. Observe no values from “Multiple options” custom field returned in custom_fields key
See example response
	"success": true,
	"data": {
		"items": [
				"result_score": 0.224994,
				"item": {
					"id": #omittedForThisExample,
					"type": "deal",
					"title": "#omittedForThisExample",
					"value": #omittedForThisExample,
					"currency": "USD",
					"status": "#omittedForThisExample",
					"visible_to": #omittedForThisExample,
					"owner": {
						"id": #omittedForThisExample
					"stage": {
						"id": 1,
						"name": "#omittedForThisExample"
					"person": {
						"id": #omittedForThisExample,
						"name": "#omittedForThisExample"
					"organization": #omittedForThisExample,
					"custom_fields": [
					"notes": [

Would it be possible to include values from the aforementioned custom field types in the returned deal, or alternatively point me to another way to get these values from a deal with your API?

Thanks for your time,

Can you do a 2nd request looking up the Deal full data using deal ID?