Multiple user - messaging integration

Hello there, I am trying to create an app (messaging integration between pipedrive and internal telegram chats).
Here is the tutorial from pipedrive: Tutorial
Also here is the example app repo: App github

In that tutorial, they set the Client ID and Client Secret in .env. But what if I want to install this app for two or three businesses? How to use one API project but handle multiple users? Because we are adding user to the database, it is evident that the app and db should handle multiple users, but how do we deal with client IDs and client secrets?

Can someone explain, please, in simple words, where is wrong my understanding?

Hey there,

When someone installs your app you will gain that user’s token. You can use this token to call Pipedrive’s APIs on the user’s behalf (which ones depends on the scopes provided by the user).

So you need to use that token for calling Channels API in this case.


Hope it help :wink:

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