Mutually Exclusive Valu List

The value list i create for a Web Form is not giving me mutually exclusive numbers.

For example: I created a custom field called Web Form - Submitted by.

From the setting, I go into that field and create a value list of employees who could possibly submit the form. I use my Postman to view the deal, i see its the correct one - the one i just made from the web form by the name i used, converted it to a deal…

I expect a new value from each employee, I get the same value.

I get the same value after I’ve deleted all of them and added it back in one by one.

How do i create a mutually exclusive value list?

Hey @klarson
Can you share some screenshots/video grab so that I can understand this in detail?
Especially for this part

Webforms - Submitted By Value list - see the drop down value list created for the field.

See the results from the PDF’s with PD… different names from the value list.

See the results from the PDF’s with PM… same ID, same value - 28 in both, but with different names in the Web Form.

Also note that there are two different deals… 3017 and 3018.

Hey @klarson
Thanks for being patient and for sharing all the relevant details :slight_smile:
I would like to confirm a couple of things to figure out if there’s something wrong with the API

  1. When you make a call to /dealFields endpoint, do you see the custom field options with their unique values? I replicated your setup and the payload looks like this. However, I haven’t done any edits to the values after they were created. It’s assumed that such edits would still guarantee uniqueness of ID.
            "id": 12489,
            "key": "ef5dd606f068c726c3839887f3d5250fe49cbb98",
            "name": "submitted_by",
            "order_nr": 37,
            "field_type": "enum",
            "json_column_flag": true,
            "add_time": "2022-05-26 06:44:33",
            "update_time": "2022-05-26 06:44:33",
            "last_updated_by_user_id": 13246944,
            "active_flag": true,
            "edit_flag": true,
            "index_visible_flag": true,
            "details_visible_flag": true,
            "add_visible_flag": false,
            "important_flag": false,
            "bulk_edit_allowed": true,
            "searchable_flag": false,
            "filtering_allowed": true,
            "sortable_flag": true,
            "options": [
                    "label": "steve",
                    "id": 20
                    "label": "woz",
                    "id": 21
                    "label": "bill",
                    "id": 22
                    "label": "balmer",
                    "id": 23
            "mandatory_flag": false
  1. Another check is to track the values which are being submitted during web form submission. You can use the DevTools > Network tab to identify the payload during the time of submission

  2. If step 1 and step 2 capture the right values and you still see a wrong value when you query the API, this could be a problem on our side

Can you confirm the same?

Where do I find the ID used in the dealFileds end point?

Hi @klarson
This should be visible in the options property like I shared in the first snippet

Hi Hem,

I’m looking for the ID to pull this info… the id of the deal field endpoint.

In the example Id 12489…

“id”: 12489, “key”: “ef5dd606f068c726c3839887f3d5250fe49cbb98”, “name”: “submitted_by”, “order_nr”: 37, “field_type”: “enum”, “json_column_flag”: true, “add_time”: “2022-05-26 06:44:33”, “update_time”: “2022-05-26 06:44:33”, “last_updated_by_user_id”: 13246944, “active_flag”: true, “edit_flag”: true, “index_visible_flag”: true, “details_visible_flag”: true, “add_visible_flag”: false, “important_flag”: false, “bulk_edit_allowed”: true, “searchable_flag”: false, “filtering_allowed”: true, “sortable_flag”: true, “options”: [ { “label”: “steve”, “id”: 20

Hi @klarson
I would recommend making a call to Get All Deal Fields endpoint at first. This will list the fields along with key and name details. That alone should get you the relevant details with a quick search. Once you find that field, you can take a look at its options property.

Let me know if I understood you right.