My custom field is not appearing in the JSON data received from Pipedrive


I added a custom field to the organization data called “type” (it is a single option custom field with two options “Client” and “Partner”).

I then added a webhook to communicate with my webapp when a new organization is created from Pipedrive. When I select a value for my custom field “type”, I do not see any key/value pair related to “type” in the JSON data my webapp received…

I’ve checked on Pipedrive options but I can’t find a way to allow this custom field to be present in the JSON. Any idea how I could fix that?

Thanks for your help!

EDIT : actually it does! The key in the JSON hasn’t the custom field name, it is a kind of token that contains an integer as value

Hello, @raphael-allard :wave:

Indeed! The custom fields that are set up for deals, leads, persons and organizations are returned in the endpoints’ responses with their unique UUID-based key values :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have any additional questions regarding custom fields!


Hi, @Helena_Sul
I have the same issue. The UUID keys are actually missing when you use search-like endpoints. So for example:
will give as one of the items:
“item”: {
“id”: 18,
“type”: “organization”,
“name”: “…”,
“address”: “…”,
“visible_to”: 3,
“owner”: {
“id”: …
“custom_fields”: [
“notes”: []
I replaced the values of course.
This seems off: the values are shown, but the array is numeric, so completely useless. To fix this, I have to get every individual result, and do a /organizations/:id for all the records. Very slow and resource-unfriendly. And I don’t understand: it seems to me that getting the values would take some resources at your end, but getting the keys as well would not be that more difficult? And now those resources are just waisted!