Need to establish a process via API between 2 Pipedrive accounts

I am looking for a developer that can establish a simple process between 2 Pipedrive accounts.

I am in Pipedrive account 1 and my deal is reaching a specific stage in a pipeline. When my deal enters the stage, it triggers the creation of a deal in Pipedrive account 2. After the creation of the new deal in Pipedrive account 2 happened, we would need also to move some notes from the deal that triggered the automation into the new deal.

I do not think it is a complicated task as the API is already provided by Pipedrive and everything happens within Pipedrive. I would need this to be done by the end of August.

Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:


I have gone thru your post & I would be happy to assist you.

I need some information to share my understanding with you. Rates are very competitive so it won’t be any issue for you

Please add me on Skype so we can discuss further.

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I can assist you with your requirement.


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Hello Ale.Becci

Do you have Zapier account and in that case this could be done in very short time please?

Otherwise, we could set webhooks from 1st PD account and listen to the deal reaching specific stage, and use the API create deal against the 2nd PD account. Also read the notes attached to the 1st PD deal, and create them against 2nd PD account’s deal.

This could be done within few days.

Please feel free to contact so we could collaborate further.

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Hey Garry!

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