Need to recreate custom fields with specific IDs


This is not quite an API question, so I’m posting it here.

We have custom fields on Persons and Deals, and use the API to create and edit both. When our code creates a new Person, it uses the generated keys for each custom field to populate their values. That much is working well.

Now I’m trying to set up a Sandbox environment, so the next version of our code can be tested without affecting production data. For this to work testing the same code that will be used in production, I need my Sandbox to have the same custom fields as production with the same field API keys.

This is where the challenge comes, because I can’t seem to create fields in staging that look like production. If I manually create the same fields, they have different generated field API keys and I’m not allowed to edit them. I also tried importing from our production data to our sandbox, and it looks like the custom fields did not copy over as part of the import.

Any suggestions?

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Private messaged solution.