Need to register in Marketplace for private integration?

Hi. I’m building my first integration towards Pipedrive and I think I’ve got it working nicely towards the sandbox account. I’m using the API-token. We only need to use this integration private and for one user’s API key, at least to begin with.

What I can’t figure out is if I really need to register in the Marketplace (as draft) or not. It feels like it should not be neccessary to get it working, since it works fine for the sandbox, but I can’t find any information if that would be allowed or not. Please, enlighten me.

If it is ok not to register in Marketplace in this scenario - will it be possible to register in the future if we then realize we would need it there? (E.g. if we change to OAuth authorization)

(Only thing I really have agains registering is that it feels unneccessary.)

Hey @Mia
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To clarify, would the app be used by only one account? I see that it is reasonable to use the API key, to begin with. However, if the app is being used by more than one user, it is a good idea to switch to OAuth.

Every app has a client id and secret associated with them. That’s the only way to use OAuth. However, I would like to clarify on what you mean by registering? Let me know if I am missing something

Hello and thank you.
Yes to begin with it will only be for one account. Eventually there might be more than one, but atleast 6 months away I’d guess. If we need it for more than one, I understand that OAuth is needed, and hence the client id and secret. I might be using the wrong word for it, but by registering I refere to adding the app to the marketplace as a draft - to get the id and secret. (More than draft should not be neccessary as far as I understand, while we will only be using it internally.)

Hello @Hem,
I’m not sure if I replied correctly last time so I try again, in case you did not get any notice about my last reply.

So main questions are: If I skip Marketplace all toghether

  • Will the integration work? (using API token for correct user in non-sandbox company)
  • Is it ok to implement it this way?

Hi Mia, It should be totally okay to register the app as completely private. That way the app will only work for the account to which it is associated with.

As you can guess by now, the app has to be unlisted(not publicly discoverable but can be installed in other account if a URL is provided) in order to make it work in other company account. For that it has to be reviewed by the Marketplace.

At this stage, if the app in the sandbox works with test data, it should be fairly easy to switch the client credentials and have a production version of the app with the same backend.

However, if there are several accounts, I’d recommend publishing it as unlisted. Make sure you add the reason while submitting and it should be approved soon :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you.
I interpret your answer as though I ought to register, so I will do that (as private).

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