New endpoint in Deals resource

Effective from May 30, 2019

We have added a new GET /deals/summary endpoint to Deals resource.

For more information see

Elina, how do we add up all of the deals for a given pipeline, and calculate their forecasted value?

Hi Adam,
What do you exactly mean by forecasted value? Is it this ?

Elina, all that my developer and I are trying to do is to mash the Pipedrive forecast data into a Geckoboard dashboard. Can you give us the exact formulas you use in the forecast screens, so we can mimic them, since Pipedrive is not exposing the Forecasts via API?

Hi Adam,

Forecast view is calculated by using the following formula: deal value * probability which is grouped by date.

Elina, I understand what you’re saying, but, specifically, which API objects and endpoints would we use to calculated a weighted and dynamic projection, just like the one in your UI?

We want to be able to view our pipelines together and separately.

This is currently not possible through the API but we are working on it.

I don’t understand. Are you saying that we cannot create formulas based on the deal amounts via API?

Hey Adam,

You’re of course free to create your own formulas based on Deal amounts, but we don’t have any specific endpoints that make use of the Forecast feature and we also aren’t disclosing the data we currently use for formulas as this is internal use only.

David, thanks for letting me know. I spoke with Jeff P last week, so perhaps we can sign paperwork to keep it confidential.